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Why should I massage my baby?

Baby massage is a wonderful way to learn how to communicate with your baby through nurturing touch. It is a practice which has been a longstanding parenting tradition in many cultures, such as in India and Africa, and has gained in popularity in the western regions of the world too. 

Your baby may experience amazing benefits including;

  • stimulation of major systems; circulatory, digestive, hormonal, immune, lymphatic, respiratory, nervous, etc.
  • support for brain development, skin receptors stimulation, fine motor skills development, coordination and balance
  • relief for pains such as trapped gas, colic, constipation, teething discomfort and muscular tensions
  • sensory integration and mind/body awareness
  • promoted bonding and secure attachment
  • trust, empathy and developed self-esteem
  • improved pre-language, verbal/non-verbal communication
  • increased ability to relax, regulate and self-sooth
  • increased levels of calming hormones and improved sleep

Massaging your baby offers benefits not only for your baby, but also parents too, which may include improved attunement, decreased stress hormones, decreased PND, ability to read and understand cues, and more. 

The Course

I am offering an amazing baby massage course which incorporates teachings from both Indian and Swedish massage traditions, as well as drawing on principles from yoga and reflexology. 

On the course you will learn;

  • How to massage your baby with massages strokes for the whole body
  • Conditions and positioning for massage
  • Oils suitable for baby massage
  • Behavioral states for optimal massage times
  • Colic routine for relief of colic/gas
  • Infant cues and reflexes
  • Adaptations for your growing child
  • Gentle movements and touch relaxation

This course runs for a total of 5 classes. Each session is held weekly in order to provide suitable time to integrate the full content, and only you will massage your baby each week.

Please be aware that for the safety of your baby the classes will be held on the floor - but I do supply padded floor chairs for our comfort!

The IAIM accredited course is designed for all parents and primary caregivers, and is suitable for all babies from 0-12 months of age. 

This is a wonderful course but don't just take my word for it! Keep scrolling to hear from parents that have already completed this course with me.


"Radha is lovely, professional and enthusiastic. We thoroughly enjoyed our weekly baby massage classes with her in our own home, and learnt a lot. I found that baby massage encompassed more than just the physical health benefits, with developmental and bonding ones too. 

Radha put me at ease from the beginning, and she communicated well with all forms of contact (pre meeting, during classes and post support). She tailored the class to our needs, and I was able to still learn the massage strokes even when my baby was fussy, feeding, or asleep. 

Radha's passion really shone through, and I wouldn't hesitate to highly recommend her." 

~Emilia, Kettering

More happy customers

"I would highly recommend baby massage to understand your baby's body - make your baby feel secure and loved with the many benefits, relaxing your baby to sleep, and helping with their movements, joints and bowels. I found Radha helped me improve my ability to read my baby by understanding her cues, along with reading her body language. Radha was patient, kind and very understanding during our visits."

~Kelsey, Market Harborough

"Radha's baby massage course was a lovely way to bond with my baby and spend some quality time helping to get to know my baby even more. Our daughter suffered with Colic from 6-16 weeks and we struggled to help her, but using some of the massages specifically to help tummy pain and digestion, we helped to ease her pain and relaxed her. Now I have the skills to carry forward with me and I would highly recommend the course!"

~Olivia, Burton Latimer

"Me and Reuben have built a lovely bond from doing these massage classes. This is huge for us following me suffering from PND and Reuben is also developing amazingly which I feel the baby massage has contributed a lot to. Radha covered things like cues and it has really helped me to understand Reuben more and become more confident. A HUGE thank you to Radha who was informative, kind, supportive and just lovely to share these sessions with."

~Lucy, Wellingborough

"Radha is very friendly and approachable whilst remaining extremely professional. Baby massage may seem like it's too 'holistic' for some parents, but there are so many physical and mental benefits to massaging your baby as well as building emotional connections and trust. Radha is incredibly supportive and always made us feel comfortable and welcome before, during, and after sessions. She is a credit to baby massage!"

~Holly, Kettering

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